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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第三十九条 有下列情形之一的,监护关系终止:
Article 39
A guardianship is terminated under any of the following circumstances:
(1) the ward has obtained or regained full capacity for performing civil juristic acts;
(2) the guardian has become incompetent to be a guardian;
(3) the ward or the guardian deceases; or
(4) any other circumstance in which the people’s court determines to terminate the guardianship.
Where a ward is still in need of a guardian after the termination of the guardianship, a new guardian shall be appointed in accordance with law.
  第三节 宣告失踪和宣告死亡
Section 3
Declaration of a Missing Person and Declaration of Death
  第四十条 自然人下落不明满二年的,利害关系人可以向人民法院申请宣告该自然人为失踪人。
Article 40
If a natural person’s whereabouts have been unknown for two years, an interested person may request the people’s court to declare the natural person as a missing person.
  第四十一条 自然人下落不明的时间自其失去音讯之日起计算。战争期间下落不明的,下落不明的时间自战争结束之日或者有关机关确定的下落不明之日起计算。
Article 41
The period of time during which a natural person’s whereabouts is unknown shall be counted from the date when the natural person has not been heard of ever since. If a person is missing during wartime, the time of his whereabouts becoming unknown shall be counted from the date the war ends or from the date as determined by the relevant authority.


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