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Previous Maritime

(A) state the places between which cargo will be carried;

(B) list each classification of cargo in use;

(C) state the level of ocean transportation intermediary, as defined in section 3(17)(A), compensation, if any, by a carrier or conference;

(D) state separately each terminal or other charge, privilege, or facility under the control of the carrier or conference and any rules or regulations that in any way change, affect, or determine any part or the aggregate of the rates or charges; 

(E) include sample copies of any bill of lading, contract of affreightment, or other document evidencing the transportation agreement; and

(F) include copies of any loyalty contract, omitting the shippers name.

(2) Tariffs shall be made available electronically to any person, without time, quanity, or other limitation, through appropriate access from remote locations, and a reasonable charge may be assessed for such access. No charge may be assessed a Federal agency for such access.

(b) Time-Volume Rates. Rates shown in tariffs filed under subsection (a) may vary with the volume of cargo offered over a specified period of time.

(c) Service Contracts.