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(3) any agreement or activity that relates to transportation services within or between foreign countries, whether or not via the United States, unless that agreement or activity has a direct, substantial, and reasonably foreseeable effect on the commerce of the United States;

(4) any agreement or activity concerning the foreign inland segment of through transportation that is part of transportation provided in a United States import or export trade;

(5) any agreement or activity to provide or furnish wharfage, dock, warehouse, or other terminal facilities outside the United States; or

(6) subject to section 20(e)(2) of this Act, any agreement, modification, or cancellation approved by the Commission before the effective date of this Act under section 15 of the Shipping Act, 1916, or permitted under section 14b thereof, and any properly published tariff, rate, fare, or charge, classification, rule, or regulation explanatory thereof implementing that agreement, modification, or cancellation.

(b) Exceptions. This Act does not extend antitrust immunity_

(1) to any agreement with or among air carriers, rail carriers, motor carriers, or common carriers by water not subject to this Act with respect to transportation within the United States;