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SEC. 6. ACTION ON AGREEMENTS (46 App. U.S.C. 1705 (2002)).

(a) Notice. Within 7 days after an agreement is filed, the Commis-sion shall transmit a notice of its filing to the Federal Register for publication.

(b) Review Standard. The Commission shall reject any agreement filed under section 5(a) of this Act that, after preliminary review, it finds does not meet the requirements of section 5. The Commission shall notify in writing the person filing the agreement of the reason for rejection of the agreement.

(c) Review and Effective Date. Unless rejected by the Commission under subsection (b), agreements, other than assessment agreements, shall become effective_

(1) on the 45th day after filing, or on the 30th day after notice of the filing is published in the Federal Register, whichever day is later; or

(2) if additional information or documentary material is requested under subsection (d), on the 45th day after the Commission receives_

(A) all the additional information and documentary material requested; or