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(f) Maritime Labor Agreements. This Act does not apply to maritime labor agreements. This subsection does not exempt from this Act any rates, charges, regulations, or practices of a common carrier that are required to be set forth in a tariff, or are essential terms of a service contract whether or not those rates, charges, regulations, or practices arise out of, or are otherwise related to, a maritime labor agreement.

(g) Vessel Sharing Agreements. An ocean common carrier that is the owner, operator, or bareboat, time, or slot charterer of a United States-flag liner vessel documented pursuant to sections 12012(a) or (d) of title 46, United States Code, is authorized to agree with an ocean common carrier that is not the owner, operator or bareboat charterer for at least one year of United States-flag liner vessels which are eligible to be included in the Maritime Security Fleet Program and are enrolled in an Emergency Preparedness Program pursuant to subtitle B of title VI of the Merchant Marine Act, 1936 (46 U.S.C. App. 1187 et seq.), to which it charters or subcharters the United States-flag vessel or space on the United States-flag vessel that such charterer or subcharterer may not use or make available space on the vessel for the carriage of cargo reserved by law for United States-flag vessels.2