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怎样让会议更有效 怎样建设培训体系

Professional Selling Skills



The market is changing. The customers are becoming more and more demanding. The competitors are trying to take our market share. They are trying to do this every single minute. 

If you want to win in the competition, sales is very important. All successful companies have strong sales teams. Professional Selling Skills will give you the power to win in sales.


After this workshop, the participants will be able to communicate with customers more effectively. 

They will be able to better understand the needs of the customer. They will know how to introduce products to customers and how to conduct sales. 

They will have all the techniques to respond to the barriers to the conclusion of sales. They will be able to build long-term relationship based on mutual trust.


Sales Managers/Supervisors, those who are responsible for sales and have direct contact with customers.

Course Outline:

1 Three factors contributing to successful sales

2 Knowledge and Attitude
–Before the sales call
–Looking for a potential customer
–Types of Customer

3 Professional selling skills
–Greetings and Opening
–Understanding the Needs
–Presenting the Product
–Arrangement and commitment
–Responding to the barriers to sales

4 Application of knowledge in the workplace

The Trainer: 

Herbert, City University MBA, has profound and extensive experience in the field of purchasing, sales and marketing, quality management as well as human resources management from many world famous multinational companies.

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