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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第一百三十二条 民事主体不得滥用民事权利损害国家利益、社会公共利益或者他人合法权益。
Article 132
No person of the civil law shall abuse his civil-law rights and harm the interests of the State, the public interests, or the lawful rights and interests of others.
  第六章 民事法律行为
Chapter VI
Civil Juristic Acts
  第一节 一般规定
Section 1
General Rules
  第一百三十三条 民事法律行为是民事主体通过意思表示设立、变更、终止民事法律关系的行为。
Article 133
A civil juristic act is an act through which a person of the civil law, by expression of intent, creates, alters, or terminates a civil juristic relationship.
  第一百三十四条 民事法律行为可以基于双方或者多方的意思表示一致成立,也可以基于单方的意思表示成立。
Article 134
A civil juristic act may be accomplished through a consensus of expression of intent of two or more parties, or through one party’s unilateral expression of intent.
Where a legal person or an unincorporated organization makes a resolution in accordance with the procedure and voting method provided by law or stipulated in its articles of association, such a resolution is accomplished as a civil juristic act.


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