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(4) An ocean transportation intermediary not domiciled in the United States shall designate a resident agent in the United States for receipt of service of judicial and administrative process, including subpoenas.

(c) Suspension or Revocation. The Commission shall, after notice and hearing, suspend or revoke a license if it finds that the ocean transportation intermediary is not qualified to render intermediary services or that it willfully failed to comply with a provision of this Act or with a lawful order, rule, or regulation of the Commission. The Commission may also revoke an intermediary_s license for failure to maintain a bond, proof of insurance, or other surety in accordance with subsection (b)(1).

(d) Exception. A person whose primary business is the sale of merchandise may forward shipments of the merchandise for its own account without a license. 

(e) Compensation of Intermediaries by Carriers.

(1) A common carrier may compensate an ocean transportation intermediary, as defined in section 3(17)(A) of this Act, in connection with a shipment dispatched on behalf of others only when the ocean transportation intermediary has certified in writing that it holds a valid license, as required by subsection (a), and has performed the following services:

(A) Engaged, booked, secured, reserved, or contracted directly with the carrier or its agent for space aboard a vessel or confirmed the availability of that space.