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(d) Review of Civil Penalty. A person against whom a civil penalty is assessed under this section may obtain review thereof under chapter 158 of title 28, United States Code.

(e) Failure to Pay Assessment. If a person fails to pay an assessment of a civil penalty after it has become final or after the appropriate court has entered final judgment in favor of the Commission, the Attorney General at the request of the Commission may seek to recover the amount assessed in an appropriate district court of the United States. In such an action, the court shall enforce the Commission_s order unless it finds that the order was not regularly made or duly issued.

(f) Limitations.

(1) No penalty may be imposed on any person for conspiracy to violate section 10(a)(1), (b)(1), or (b)(2) of this Act, or to defraud the Commission by concealment of such a violation. Neither the Commission nor any court shall order any person to pay 

the difference between the amount billed and agreed upon in writing with a common carrier or its agent and the amount set forth in any tariff or service contract by that common carrier for the transportation service provided.