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(h) Injunctive Relief. The Commission may, upon making the determination specified in subsection (g), bring suit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia to enjoin operation of the agreement. The court may issue a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction and, upon a showing that the agreement is likely, by a reduction in competition, to produce an unreasonable reduction in transportation service or an unreasonable increase in transportation cost, may enter a permanent injunction. In a suit under this subsection, the burden of proof is on the Commission. The court may not allow a third party to intervene with respect to a claim under this subsection.

(i) Compliance with Informational Needs. If a person filing an agreement, or an officer, director, partner, agent, or employee thereof, fails substantially to comply with a request for the submission of additional information or documentary material within the period specified in subsection (c), the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, at the request of the Commission_

(1) may order compliance;

(2) shall extend the period specified in subsection (c)(2) until there has been substantial compliance; and

(3) may grant such other equitable relief as the court in its discretion determines necessary or appropriate.