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There are also times where cases involve salvage. The concept of salvage arises from recovery of damaged property that includes treasure and a damaged or a derelict vessel.

In order to have a valid claim for having rendered salvage services, the salvor must show that the property saved was imperiled, that his or her services were voluntarily rendered, and that the salvor was successful in whole or in part to the saving of the property. 

There are several factors considered by a court in establishing the amount of the salvor's award, including the difficulty of the operation, the risk involved to the salvor, the value of the property saved, and the degree of danger to which the property was exposed. 

Salvors are usually awarded 10% to 25% of the value of the vessel and property salvaged. 

Should I hire a lawyer? 

If you have a insurance or maritime contract dispute, a dispute involving salvage, a Jones Act claim, a LHWCA claim, or a property damage or injury dispute involving a commercial or pleasure vessel use the State Lawyers Directory to find a lawyer specializing in admiralty/maritime law now.